rigid foam -cold room
rigid foam -cold room
rigid foam -Industrial and store refrigerators
rigid foam -refrigerator

Product Description:

  • Category:  Rigid Foam system
  • Available density: 32-34 kg/m3

Polyurethane System in Production of Refrigerator

Consumption of rigid foam in production of household and industrial refrigerator, further to reduce the amount of required energy for maintaining fridge temperature, would play an important role in environmental stability and conservation. Rigid polyurethane foam can be a cost-effective material that can be used to provide desired energy for refrigerators and freezers.
Insulation is one of the key features in polyurethane foam system which is used in order to keep and maintain foods in low temperature during processing, stocking in warehouses or distribution to the retailers or consumers.
In addition to this specification for polyurethanes, adhesion feature would help to build a strong and constant bond between internal and outside of refrigerator wall and it will prevent heat transferring from the internal of refrigerator and outside of it.
Without using this system, approximately 50% of food will be spoiled and will severely affect on daily routine life and food businesses.