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Sale and Price Isocyanate:

  • Chemical name: Isocyanate
  • Shipping:To all parts of Iran and the Middle East and Eurasia
  • Application:  Isocyanate for all polyurethane system ...

Selling Isocyanate

Through its sister company in Dubai, Sepehrdonya Commercial and International Manufacturing Company is able to supply and deliver Isocyanate in the Middle East and Eurasia and other places with  good quality, competitive price and in the shortest time compared to other countries.

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About Sepehr Dunya commercial and international production unit

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Sepehr Dunya International Commercial Production Unit has been one of the pioneers in the production of hard polyurethane foam and soft polyurethane systems in the Middle East region. Relying on the principle of creativity, we strive to provide high quality products and find the best solution in polyurethane systems.

Through the production of high-quality chemical products and sustainable cooperation with related companies, we are always at the forefront of creating green industrial environments. The production unit of Sepehr Dunya International Trade is equipped with the most advanced technology in production, and this has caused it to always be one step ahead and meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time.

Sepehr Dunya is among the top industrial and manufacturing companies in Iran and has an annual production capacity of 8000 tons.

Our values

  • Creating strong communication networks with competitors, colleagues and customers
  • Production according to national and international standards
  • Fast approach to market challenges
  • Innovator and solution provider

Our technical knowledge

Sepehr Dunya knowledge is constantly updated based on market demand, and the company can offer new offers to its customers

Our vision

Establishing a stable relationship between customers and suppliers and committing all that we are capable of doing, and doing absolutely everything we commit to, as well as investing in knowledge, technology and human resources, and finally guaranteeing the quality of the product provided.

Our goal

with the limitation of natural resources and the development of urban life; Currently, more than ever, there is a need for solutions to preserve natural resources and the environment, and chemical industries play a key role in this regard, because with their help, the challenges we face in the world can be solved. Fix almost any field Sepehr Dunya is trying to be the best partner for its customers by using its experiences, technical knowledge and analysis of market needs.


Our Services

Pre-sale service

Dealing with the needs and demands of customers, checking them and offering the most suitable option to the customer.

Service during the sale

Producing the product and sending it to the customer and ensuring the proper use and exploitation of the product

After sales service

Dealing with customer complaints

Dealing with the possible problem by sending a technical expert to the place, investigating and solving the problem and following up on the customer's satisfaction with the company's product.

Our Products

The products produced by SepehrDonya

oil and gas insulating coating

Polyurethane insulating materials for oil and gas pipes and other energy carrying industries

Available density : 160-320 kg/m3

Polyurethane System for Home and Office Furniture

Polyurethane System for Home and Office Furniture

Available Density : 25 - 45 ,kg/m3

Polyurethane System in Production of Sandwich Panels (Continuous/Discontinuous)

Polyurethane System in Production of Sandwich Panels (Continuous/Discontinuous)

Available density  : 40 - 44 ,kg/m3

wood imitation polyurethan system

Polyurethane System in Wood and Decorative Application

Available density  : 120 - 1100 ,kg/m3

release agent or Silicone lubricant

Release agent or Silicone lubricant

Mold cleaning agent, mold release agent is a chemical substance Read more ...

Polyurethane system for memory foam

Polyurethane system for memory foam

Available density : 50 - 60 ,kg/m3

Polyurethane system for thermal insulation, sound and humidity spray

Polyurethane system for thermal insulation, sound and humidity spray

Available density   read more ...

Polyurethane material for integral foam

Polyurethane material for Integral foam

Available density   100 - 200 ,kg/m3

Polyurethane system for Automotive

Polyurethane system for Automotive

Application  :  Car center console, dashboard, car seat foam, car air filter foam, car roof foam, etc ...

Polyurethane System in Production of Refrigerator

Polyurethane System in Production of Refrigerator

Available density   32 - 34 ,kg/m3

Shoe Industry Polyurethane System

Shoe Industry Polyurethane System

Available density   100 - 200 ,kg/m3

Polyurethane system for Air Duct Panel

Polyurethane system for Air Duct Panel

Available density   20 - 80 ,kg/m3

Polyurethane materials in medical equipment

Polyurethane materials in medical equipment

Application Packaging has many applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, making gloves, covers and other surgical and operating room equipment, hearts and other artificial organs, etc.

Our activities

Attending the Polyurethane Association of Iran the polyurethane Association of Iran

Sephardunya at the Iran Plast exhibition 1400
sepehrDunya at the IranPlast Exhibition 1400
Secretary and President of the Polyurethane Association of Iran
Polyurethane Association of Iran
Jamshid Rafiei Secretary of the Polyurethane Association of Iran

   We combine our knowledge with other stakeholders through participation in the Polyurethane Association of Iran

Iranian Polyurethane Manufacturers Association
As a fledgling association, it started its official activity in May 1400.
This association aims to provide 100% of the country's need for this raw material by creating more solidarity among polyurethane producers and to meet the needs of six major industries, including automobile construction, shoes and artificial leather, refrigeration, furniture and Oil and gas that need this material as raw materials to respond.
The association must have an industrial authority, because its manufactured goods are somehow used in Iran's big industries, which in fact shows Iran's authority..

Sepehr Dunya activity in the forum

As one of the active members of this association, Bazgani and International Production Unit of Sepehr Dunya is proud to offer production and export services of polyurethane systems in the domestic and foreign markets.

In order to organize all matters related to the production and export of polyurethane products and to create coordination, unity and cohesion among the activists of the aforementioned field and to increase the level of power in the domestic and foreign markets and in the face of domestic organizations and to improve the quality level of manufactured products and with the aim Optimizing the production and sales process and supporting a healthy and dynamic business environment has been formed in line with the activities of the Iranian Polyurethane Production and Exporters Association.

sepehrdonya co.

Our factory

   Sepehr Dunya has simple but powerful goals and this simplicity and our strength has guaranteed our growth and continuity in this industry.


Factory and production department

  Sepehr Dunya as an innovative company; It helps our customers to differentiate their products and programs.


Factory and sales department

  You can choose one of our polyurethane systems that have been tried and approved many times by our loyal customers, or request solutions from us; In both cases, you can entrust the quality of your business to us and focus on your production.


Factory and laboratory

  We understand the challenges of the market and prepare ourselves every day to provide polyurethane solutions.


Our Factory

  We are confident in the quality of our products and we convey this confidence to you.

Our team

Sepehr Donya's experienced team

R & D

Implementation and implementation of the latest achievements of the world

Laboratory and production

Development and optimization of adjustable and flexible solutions in order to support the goals of innovation and growth of the polyurethane industry

Sales and sales support unit

Developing new products based on customer requests or specific business strategic choices

Technical and engineering support

Providing appropriate technical and engineering services, using experienced experts

Ways of communication

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